Cafeland Bingo is a biweekly game that works like the regular BINGO. A player is given a card with 25 numbers, and a number can be called by spending 10 hearts.

Unlike the Lucky Chef Spin, Bingo has a low possibility of earning a prize for every 10 hearts spent. Alternatively, a player can choose to spend 10 cash on every number they need in order to get a specific prize. 

Decoration Collectibles

In every Bingo, a series of themed decorations are released. The first four items must be obtained before the final decoration may be obtained. Each item is obtained by getting a BINGO (getting all numbers on a single row) on the given card. The 'winnings' are attained in an organized manner. Completing the top row gives the first decoration (leftmost decoration), completing the second row unlocks the second decoration to the left, so on and so forth. However, there is no particular order in which the lines are completed.

As is with the Lucky Chef Spin, the last decoration is autimaticaly unlocked once the first four are attained.

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