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Cook and serve dishes, buy decorations

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Coins are Cafeland's primary currency that is earnable by every player. It can be earned and spent in more ways than any of the other units.

how to earn more coinsEdit

"There are a number of tips I can suggest that have moved me thru every expansion, crazy spending on redecorating all the time, and still left me with over 100 million in coins. Ask for a dish and a heart everyday. Put only those dishes that earn you 20+ coin on your counters and sell all the rest. Save them up in bunches to sell so it cost less hearts. Take all your vending machines out of the cafe. Then all the customers that would have gone to the vending machine will now go to your stations. The stations earn you 20 coins, where the vending machines are 3-5 coins. Now everything you sell cost over 20 coins and you really start to earn more coin. You can also use the automatic tip collector and the online ordering machine to earn more."
~ Elizabeth
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