Customers are what fuels your profits in the game. In order for Customers to enter your café, take a dish, and sit down, you must have several things in order. The maximum number of customers you can have at a single time is 20. 

The number of customers in the cafe is directly affected by popularity. Also, there are awards for serving a certain number of customers. 

Customers FAQ

Why don't I see any customers in and outside the café?
Customers do not wander around any more if you close your café. Check out the Open/Closed button at the bottom of the game screen and make it Open to let customers come back.
Why do I see angry customers in my café?
Customers get angry if they have a negative opinion about your café. If you click on a customer, you can learn what the main problem is and so solve it accordingly. Customers protest when

  • they don't see any servings on the counter
  • they see only one type of dish on the counter
  • they always find the same food on the counter
  • they don't find an empty chair placed in accordance with a table
  • they find too little space to move in the café
  • they can't use the drink machines
  • they don't find a fun item in the café
  • they can't reach the counter
  • they can't reach the till point
  • they can't reach the drink machines

Why do I see the "No way to the counter/till point" warning over the customers' head?
This warning comes out when the counter/till point is not placed properly or if it is surrounded by objects. Check out its position and make sure customers find a way to reach it.