The "Geekster" 's quest Edit

I just want to ask - I want to make whole article about this quest, so please no one another make it, I'll just post the tasks first here.

it's 13 days to complete it.

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So, here we go! Here is the first tasks' set:

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Now comes time to secure yourself against unexpected visits and "teach the lesson" for a few friends!

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Two words - Coctail Party!! Prepare Crab Macaroni and descry for first geek - he's going to give you a little present!

I'll hint you: he is using "geeky" dress code, but remember that he'll give you a gift only after your preparations!


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There were so many people with glasses... Even too many... You need too relax!

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Do you really know who is geekster?? If you'll work hard, tomorrow you'll get exclusive pastry - Kataifi-Wrapped Shrimps!

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Maybe you know some geekster?? Just think or look up, what it means!

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Do you know that quote? From where? Have you seen any geekster? You don't know?!

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Oh, my, I was so busy that I forgot to commerate that beatiful day... But fon't worry, ou just have to work little hard for some money, be clean and get love from all around and your clients!

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It's so exciting! And I love mental riddles. And you? What about Rubik's Cube?

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Just cook for your geekster customers and they'll give you love and little of money. My camera is taken for few days to repairing.

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Now we are needing more pot forks and we have to ask our geeksters, what they prefer to eat... but at the meantime another clients cannot to wait and starve!

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Finally! Geek's Week is ending and I have my camera's back. It's time fo few ending parties and then... Keep calm and geek up...

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