Like other Gamegos games, the benefits of having friends who play the game are highlighted through various tasks and features in the game. 

What can they do?

  • Become neighbors (up to 150) that players may visit every day to gain hearts
  • Respond to requests (earning hearts, obtaining dishes, sending 'items' for quests).
  • Visit your cafe (and leave you a heart)
  • Send gifts
  • Unspoil dishes
  • Collect prizes shared in-game or on a player's timeline
  • Randomly visit you as in-game customers (players cannot control this-- this means you're also a random visitor in your friends' cafes)

Friend classifications

Friend Tab What they are
  • Friends in the friends tab is a list of all your facebook friends. CL players and non-CL players are segregated in two lists: CL players are on the top list, and non-CL players are on the bottom list.  
  • Friends in the neighbor tab is a list of 150 people who were either chosen by the player or automatically assigned by the game from the pool of all CL players on a person's friend list. Upon adding the person as a facebook friend, a CL player will be automatically added to this list if a person has less than 150 neighbors. 
  • Neighbors can be manually added and/or removed so that other CL friends can be selected as neighbors (usually done to inactive neighbors).
  • It is not guaranteed that these people also have you as neighbors on their game, so they may or may not be able to visit your cafe. 
  • This is a list of people whose cafes you can visit and earn hearts from (up to two hearts a day).
CL Friends
  • Friends in the CL Friends tab is a list of all CL players on a player's friend list who are not neighbors. New CL players added as Facebook friends after having 150 neighbors automatically goes to this list. 
  • If the CL Friends tab is empty, it means that a player had not reached 150 neighbors yet. 
  • If the CL Friends tab has a list although the player had not reached 150 neighbors, it means that the player manually removed these players from their neighbors list. 
  • This is a list of people whose cafes you can't visit.

Additional Notes

  • A player can only have 150 neighbors, but there is no limit as to how many CL players a person can have. The only limit one can have is Facebook's 5,000 friends limit. 
  • All CL friends (not just neighbors!) can respond to your requests and send you gifts. The only difference they have with neighbors is cafe visitation.