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TIPs Guide:

  • from your gift box - request 20 coin dishes everyday......AND......send 20coin dishes everyday
  • from your heart meter, click it and request hearts everyday
  • visit neighbors everday for 100 coin per visit and 1 heart per visit for yourself and 1 for your the green question mark over stove for one more additional heart per visit
  • answer all requests sent to you from your neighbors
  • collect bonus dishes from your newsfeed/neighbors, you are allowed 24 dishes a day

All of these add up everyday to support your cafe and to assist your neighbors.  Look after your neighbors and they will look after you.

  • watch your popularity meter, you need to add stoves, counters and expansions when they pop up or you loose popularity points.  Over time as you level up you will need to add wallpaper, tables, chairs, fun items and entertainers to raise your popularity.  Keep your floors cleaned from dirty spots.  Keep your salad bar, drink machines, specialty carts charged.  Add tables as you level.  You only need 20 chairs.  All of the items listed here can be added in a balanced way as you gain coin and level.   Popularity points help to keep a steady flow of customers to your cafe for coin.
  • note that some dishes are good for more coin and some dishes are good for more xp for leveling.
  • this is a strategic balancing game between collecting coin and xp and popularity and sending and receiving with neighbors and doing quests.  If things seem slow to you in one area figure out if you need to add more fun items or decoration or cook higher coin dishes or cook higher xp dishes or add more stoves, counters and expansions.  Starting out tips:  As you are starting out 30 neighbors is a good start to support your cafe.  Don't make your customers walk far for food and cashier.  Keep your counters and cashier close to the doorway.  Cook dishes that have 14 coin to 20 coin, this gives you a good balance between gaining coin and leveling.  Cook your longer term dishes at night, some need to be started earlier.  Cook your shorter term dished during the day.  Don't tie up your stoves during the day with longer term dishes that can be cooked later in the day/evening and overnight.  Use your gift box dishes to fill in, these are higher coin dishes but offer you no xp for leveling.  Try to have lots of dishes/servings on your counters for overnight.  Keep your salad bar and drink machines and special carts fully charged.  Keep dirty spots on floors cleaned.

/guide type info here.

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