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Increases the amount of customers you get

Earn From

Decorations, keeping your café tidy, having counters full of dishes


Not available to purchase

Base Price


Popularity is determined through achieving certain standards in your café. This is the measure that ensures a healthy customer flow in your cafe. The higher the popularity, the more customers will enter your cafe. 

A cafe can reach a maximum of 100 popularity, and will be decreased by issues in your cafe. 

Static 100 popularity

If your cafe remarkably exceeds the standards set by the game, your cafe will have a static 100 popularity. This means, no matter how many issues you have in your cafe, the popularity will always stay at 100. Richly decorated cafes are known to have static 100 popularity. 

Parties also give your cafe a static 100 popularity while the party is ongoing.

Popularity issues

These issues decrease a cafe's popularity and are generally recommended to be fixed in order to keep the popularity score up. These can be found by clicking the popularity meter, or looking at customer's thought bubbles. 

Issue Decrease Why it appears How to fix
Dirty Floors -1 per stain
  • There is a patch of dirt on the floor. It can be a water spill, coffee stain or a patch of footprints
  • There can be a maximum of five dirt patches in your cafe, regardless of cafe size
  • Click each stain in order to remove them
Empty Counters -2 per counter
  • Serve food in your counters, either by cooking or by serving food from your gift box
  • Refill your exclusive counters by spending 1 heart
Empty Drink Machines -2 per drink machine
Increase your decoration quality ???
  • Your cafe lacks decoration items, or that it has only cheap items

Unlike the other issues, "increase your decoration quality" does not rely on the number required for each item but rather, on the amount needed to be spent on your cafe. 

  • Buy more decorations from the decoration tab
  • The game considers not only floor and wall decorations, but the cost of everything in the decoration tab (this means, including chairs, tables, wallpapers, floor tiles, counters, etc.)
  • Quality > quantity. If your cafe uses expensive items  for its basic necessities (chairs, tables, counters, stoves), the "increase your decoration quality" may not pop up even without a single floor/wall decoration
Increase your fun quality ???
  • Your cafe lacks fun items

Unlike the other issues, "increase your fun quality" does not rely on the number required for each item but rather, on the monetary value of your fun items.

  • Buy more fun items from the decoration tab > fun
  • Quality > quantity. Since the game considers the value and not the number of fun items in your cafe, you can have one expensive item rather than a dozen of cheap fun items
  • Entertainers cost a lot and therefore, satisfies the 'increase your fun quality' faster than other fun items
Need more space -30
  • Your cafe is 2 expansions behind from what you've already unlocked
  • Expand to the next cafe size via the Expansions tab
  • Players are not required to expand further than 20x20
Purchase more chairs -3 per chair
  • Your cafe has less chairs than the number required for the size of your cafe
  • Buy more chairs from the decoration tab > chairs
  • There can be no more than 20 customers at your cafe. Similarly, the game does not require the players to buy more than 20 chairs
  • The popularity drop still counts if the customers cannot reach the chairs
Purchase more counters -1 per counter
  • Your cafe has less counters than the number required for your level
  • Buy more counters from the decoration tab > counters
Purchase more stoves -5 per stove
  • Your cafe has less stoves than the number required for your level
  • Buy more stoves from the decoration tab > stoves
  • The game has a current maximum of 24 stoves per cafe
Purchase more tables -3 per table
  • Your cafe has less tables than the number required for the size of your cafe
  • Buy more tables from the decoration tab > tables
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