Quests allow you to collect XP, coins, special dishes, themed decorations and other prizes in the game. Most of the quests are not timed and may be completed within the user's pace. However, some quests can be completed only within a limited period of time. 

Quests may be completed by either by completing tasks, or paying cash to complete the specific quest. 

Happy Hours and Exclusive Counters can only be obtained by completing quests. 

You will get at least 1 quest per level until level 179. 

Timed QuestsEdit

Some quests are 12-step quests that may be completed within 14 days. These thematic quests usually give special dishes and decorations for every third part accomplished, although all steps give coins and/or XP in addition to the special rewards.

Reaching level 17 unlocks the first timed quest, and the first one unlocked is the seasonal quest set for the bi-weekly period. The beginning and the end of the timed quest is relative to the time the player reaches level 17, and the next bi-weekly quests are automatically adjusted to the game's normal schedule.

Known Quest SeriesEdit

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