Sauces are items that can be used on dishes. Effects and cost vary, but are useful in different ways. 

Each player is given a few units of each sauce when they start. In order to obtain additional sauces, a player can opt to buy them with hearts or cash, or reach milestones on the weekly Taste Traffic Challenges.

There are currently four sauces available for use: Rich berries, booster pepper, rapid chili and savior carrot.

Additional Notes

Sauce Notes
Rich Berries
  • Rich berries are often used to obtain instant coins and to free counters 
  • Since counters can only hold 50,000 servings of each dish, Rich Berries are often used to sell out the servings
  • The high volume of servings needed for the Taste Traffic Challenge often requires the use of Rich Berries
  • Happy Hour does not affect/increase the sales given by Rich Berries
Booster Pepper
  • Decreases cooking time by one hour
  • Booster Pepper cannot be used for hamburgers and french fries
  • Booster Pepper's effects are stackable, thus, multiple uses of Booster Pepper on a single dish is allowed
Rapid Chili
  • Rapid Chili cannot be used for hamburgers and french fries
  • It instantly finishes the cooking of a dish, regardless of the duration (and gives the full XP for it)
Savior Carrot
  • Saves expired food, regardless of food duration
  • It can be used for free by players below level 10
  • Friends can unspoil your dishes for free, giving the same effect as using Savior Carrot on a dish
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