Each player is given a starting cafe to work with, a 6x6 cafe with the basic tools needed by a new player. There are currently two styles of starting cafes, which give the player a different amount of resources.

Café contents (style 1) Edit


  • Startercafe 2

    Wallpaper Pink Damascus x30
  • White floor x105
  • Square square pink glass x105
  • Wood water heater x15
  • Walnut Servery x2
  • Nut reference point x1
  • Abstract Summer Paintings x1
  • Magic Mixing Bottles x3
  • Wooden column pallet x1
  • Beige side chair x36
  • Red picnic x18


  • 300,000 coins
  • 0 cash
  • Welcome Cake

Pizza-ria contents (style 2)Edit

Startercafe 1
Better out of the two!!!


  • Sienna wallpaper x12
  • Red Dawn Floor x20
  • Chocolate Surface Floor x16
  • Cola Machine x1
  • Modern Maple Door x1
  • Tilt and Slide Window x1
  • Wooden Home Stove x2
  • Ashwood Servery x2
  • Ashwood Till Point x1
  • Abstract Summer Paintings x1
  • Magic Mix-up Bottles
  • Dry Branches x1
  • Walnut Chair x4
  • Trestle Square x1


  • 6,000,000 coins
  • 500 cash
  • Pizza
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