• Hi! I saw your edit on the Raggae Bob on the Fun page. 

    I too thought it was Reggae but the game lists it as Raggae (making music lovers' hearts cry). But, should we correct it on the wiki and put 'reggae' or follow the game so as not to confuse users? 

    (p.s. I hope you don't mind me enabling the 'Message Wall'. I saw that Fashland and Marketland wikis use this so I thought it'd be nice if it was the same for all wikis)

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    • Hi you =D

      Sorry for the late response, I've been away a few days. I will have the devs change his name to "Reggae." I had no idea that typo was actually in the game! Crazy!

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    • Hahaha okay. xD 

      I didn't think much of it because most of the items were spelled alternatively. Like Dustin Fieber. Oh well~ Reggae, it is! :)

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