• Hi! Let me know if there are any pages where you'd like artwork or information from the devs, I can fill in missing stuff. :) And is your birthday really on Christmas?? ^^

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    • I'd be so happy if I was born on Christmas. xD Lawl. 

      Artwork and information, hmm... the gonden dishes and limited edition stuff, mostly. Since the game had been here for years and there are still people starting only now, I think it would be nice to have this wiki have a record of things that were here before. Not only would it be an inspiration for them to suggest decorations for themes, it would also give them something to look forward to (that includes me). :) 

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    • Okie dokie, I will fill that stuff in for you. The devs are going to be on holiday next week so hopefully we can get it done by the middle of the month. Keep in touch and once again congrats for your excellent work on the wiki. =D

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    • It's okay, no rush :) 

      Also, a million thanks! I don't think it'll be easy to edit in those stuff because there must be a lot. :)

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